Shane Burgman

Chairman of the Board

Oversees all operations. Ensuring 321M is living up to mission statement and vision. Make sure board members adhere to their positions.

Akaila Amara

Vice Chairman & Social Media Chair

Bi-monthly & Biz Reminders emails. Oversees all operations. Structuring board meetings.

Mark Boyd, Esq.

Membership Chair

From application, to initial screening, to member and renewal. Onboarding. Reach out about membership renewal and organize emails. Checking sheet to Connect Meetings.

Emily Mollen

Event Chair

Organize all events. Coordinate with vendors and charities. Ensure involvement in volunteering at nonprofits events. Review attendance at events. Reaches out to press to organize event press release or photogs (then involves AK or Michelle about content).

Madison Conradis

Social Media Chair

To be updated!.

Dan Pierron



To be updated!.

Colleen Mitchell


To be updated!.