321Millennials offers a variety of ways for you to lend a hand giving back to the community, however our most consistent event is picking up trash from our beaches and waterways. By attending a beach cleanup, you can have an immediate positive impact on our environment by removing trash before it infiltrates our inland and coastal waters.


One thing all our cleanups have in common is the Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB) data form. We collect data from all our cleanups that we use to analyze the state of Florida beaches every year. This is why our cleanups are so much more than beach beautification activities – they are a way to prevent marine debris and participate in an ongoing study about the origins, quantities and types of trash on our beaches. 


We love playing on Brevard's beaches and we know you do too. Keeping our beaches clean is one of our top priorities, which is why we’ve teamed up with Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB). Our quarterly cleanups are free and open to the public, and provide a great way for people to have an immediate, positive impact on our coastal environment.


To participate simply show up, borrow some of our beach cleanup supplies, lather up on the sunscreen and get to it. Make sure to check out our events calendar to find our next public cleanup, or check out our FB page.


 If you plan on attending one of our public beach cleanups, please remember these important tips:


-BYOBandG: Yup, if possible, bring your own reusable bucket and reusable gloves. Let’s not create trash to pick up trash.


-Wear comfortable: You’ll be walking along the beach, including sandy and rocky terrain.


-Wear sun protection: A hat, sunscreen, light long sleeves. Protect yourself while protecting the ocean.


-Bring the fam; Mom, grandpa, offspring, neighbor's mother's sausage delivery guy, anyone and everyone.


-Bring water: Hydration is key!


-Check the events calendar or our FB page before the cleanup for updates, especially in the event of rain.


Nothing says team-building like a beach cleanup in the great outdoors of Brevard County. Rally the troops at your place of work to partner with one of 321Millennials quarterly cleanups– they are a great way to involve your employees or coworkers in an important hands-on environmental program and have an immediate impact on water quality in Brevard. The data collection element included in all 321M's cleanups make this event an exercise in communication and teamwork as well, and give us the ability to provide your group with a specific information about the impact your team had during your cleanup.


Your company’s donation to 321M goes directly to supporting our clean water programs in Brevard, and gives us the time we need to tailor a cleanup unique to your group. Additionally, involvement in 321M's corporate beach cleanup program will enhance the image of your company as a positive contributor to the community and local environment.


To get started email for more information.