321Millennials vision is to provide growth, influence, and prosperity within our community. To meet these ends our mission is based on 3 pillars:

Connect - To provide a platform for individuals to build relationships #growth

Culture - To promote millennial values to advance local culture #influence

Charity - To partner with local non-profits in order to further their mission #prosperity

Our organization seeks to bring together individuals with Millennial values to work together to make a difference. As a member of 321M you will create rich friendships that will not only last you a lifetime, but will positively impact the community in which we live.

If you share these values we'd love for you to apply! However, if you are looking for sales leads or build business-to-consumer relationships then this is not the group for you.

Dues are $120 annually every January. Your first year of membership is pro-rated accordingly. Your participation and dedication to the community and this group is imperative in both yours and 321M's success.

Please click the link below to apply. Our Membership Chairman, Max Kornek, will be in contact within 72 hours.