Any person born between the years 1980 and 1999.



321 Millennials is a group of young professionals who care about the future of our community and economy. Understanding that we are the next generation to lead and influence those around us, we pledge to stay involved in our community, accomplishing things both together and individually.




Being involved in our community is 321M’s sole focus and priority. Other than our quarterly beach cleanups, we will plan and make a sincere effort to support local charities on a consistent basis. With your support, we can make a larger impact in Brevard County.



Socially Thriving is our coveted  hybrid event. We combined a traditional social with a platform for information delivery. This event is utilized to create awareness of certain influential speakers, charitable events and other vital topics in the area



321MB is the business networking aspect of 321 Millennials. The core purpose of 321 Millennials is to give back to the community and develop meaningful relationships, 321MB is no different. 321MB provides the platform for members to share their voice and get more involved than the general public.

As a member, you gain the opportunity to build relationships by networking on a consistent basis, share leads, build referral sources, become a spotlight member, promote community events, and receive tools to grow your business. Our bi-monthly meeting locations are subject to change, but will always be announced in our emails and on Facebook ahead of time.  You’re able to visit twice before committing. If you have an interest in joining, contact us and we’ll send you an application. To prevent saturation, we’ve limited each industry to 3 Millennials and 1 Non-Millennial.



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